Eddie Rivera

Eddie Rivera

Real Estate Salesperson

  • Cell: 6074343647
  • Office: 8455864486
  • Office Location: 762 Main Street Margaretville, New York 12455

About Eddie Rivera

I remember an interest in animals when I was 5, training my first dog when I was 8 and working with dogs professionally in the Bronx beginning when I was 17. Have been training dogs for a variety of purposes ever since. In my teens I worked with horses at a riding stable on Pelham Parkway for a season. My interest in animals continues to this day.

Later while working as a member of the dock builders’ pile drivers’ union in the NYC area my wife and I were invited to spend a weekend with friends at their weekend place in Andes. So with our infant daughter in tow we did just that, and it didn’t take long for us to start talking about getting our own weekend place in the area which is how we met Frank. We bought property in Delhi and enjoyed weekends in our little (and I do mean little) cabin. It wasn’t long before my wife, now pregnant with our son, and I started talking about building a house and making a permanent move. Being community service minded, and with my background in dog training, I thought a canine search and rescue team might be helpful. That was, in 1988, the birth of Amigo Canine Search and Rescue Team which was co-founded by Frank, myself and another friend Tom. The name was decided because we were “Three Amigos” (a popular movie at that time) forming this team and after all dogs are man’s best amigo.

Because of Frank I have been interested in real estate and have decided to serve in this capacity now. It is enjoyable and natural for me to serve people and help meet their real estate related needs.

  • Attended school in Puerto Rico for the 1st and 2nd grades
  • Speak, read and write Spanish
  • Developed and ran “Divine Doves” a white dove release business for weddings, funerals and other events with my son.

I Enjoy :

  • Motorcycling on my 1981 Shovel head Harley
  • Fishing, catch and release almost always
  • Horses
  • Watching and listening to birds, or most any critter for that matter
  • Hiking