Mary Maney

Mary Maney

Mary’s attentiveness, support, and knowledge made her a true please to work with. As a first time home buyer, we did not know what to expect, but Mary walked us through the whole process and made it an easy and fun experience. She truly went out of her way to help us find the perfect home and we  could not be more thankful! I could not recommend a better agent for someone to work with.


Mary H.


Real Estate Agent Mary Maney is both a truly compassionate and extremely professional agent. Mary communicates extremely quickly and efficiently with both her clients and the other real estate agents to ensure that all of your questions are thoroughly answered and that the process is always  moving forward and continuously making progress. It is a constant flow of solid information. Mary ensures that all facets of the contract (Attorneys, inspections, appraisals, walk-throughs, surveys, financing, and the all important closing dates) are proceeding as they should within rather tight time constraint (60 days-NYS). Any obstacle that came our way and we had several, she remained always honest; conscientious; and steadfast in her desire to ensure that we received the home we were in contract with while adhering to the timing paramenters of the NYS real estate contract. Mary will treat you as not just another deal or ink on a contract. She is a person that will ensure that you receive the house that you want with her hard work; can do amazing attitude; and overly out-going personality! Those qualities are extremely rare these days! Thank you again Mary on a job very well done!


The Floods

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