Rosalie Glauser

Rosalie Glauser

Real Estate Associate Broker

  • Cell: 6074345868
  • Office: 6077466029
  • Office Location: 78 Main Street Delhi, NY 13753

About Rosalie Glauser

At the age of 5 Rosalie moved from her birthplace in California to live and spend her formative years in Switzerland. It wasn’t until 1979 that she returned to the U.S. to continue her studies of photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Rosalie attributes many of her positive qualities, skills and appreciation for the good things in life to her years growing up in Switzerland. As a result of her time there she speaks fluent French, Italian, German and of course, English. She acquired a great appreciation for nature, farming and good food!

Her ability to be comfortable almost anywhere in the world has lead to a variety of interesting, creative and artistic endeavors. Such as:

The export manager for a major record distribution company covering all European countries and specializing in rock and jazz labels.

The Director of U.S. Operations/ Fashion Sittings Editor for Conde’ Nast Italia whose publications include Vogue Italia, Bambini, Casa, Lei & Lui, Uomo.

As a freelance fashion and prop stylist Rosalie’s work took her nearly around the world and has given her the opportunity to work closely with and learn much from such great talents as renowned photographers: Bill King, Hiro, Robert Mapplethorp, Paolo Roversi, Bruce Weber, Hans Gissinger, Paul Lang, Debra Turbeville and Shiela Metzner .

Rosalie’s collaboration on projects for clients such as Maidenform, Clinique, Cover Girl, Abercrombie and Fitch, Pipper Heidsick, Speigel, Bloomingdales Luxury has in her own words: “given me a superb education and the ability to quickly interpret what style and astetic quality means to my client. A valuable skill that I have been able to put to great use when helping my real estate customers find the perfect property.”

Rosalie, who now lives full time here in Andes, NY, first came to the Catskills in 1982. With the help of Frank Lumia she found and purchased a beautiful old farmhouse on 18 acres which she now shares with her husband and twin boys. “It seems as though we have been restoring the house, barn and outbuildings ever since we moved in. The resulting experience is something that my real estate customers and clients can and have benefited from. I’ve gone through it and well frankly, I’m still going through it”, she say’s with a laugh that has become one of her trademarks. She goes on to say: “There’s no reason why my customers and client’s shouldn’t benefit from both my mistakes and successes.”

In 1995 she and her family decided to be adventurous while as she puts it: “we were all still young enough to believe it to be a good idea.” This decision led to a two year “road trip” traveling and working with the Big Apple Circus. For these two years the family traveled up and down the east in the company of acrobats, clowns, tight and slack rope artists, musicians, elephants and horses. “The experience was magical! The boys joined the One Ring School House along with children from countries as far as China and Russia. About the time the boys were to enter the 3rd grade and needed more and more of my attention, it was decided it was time to go home.”

Remaining active in her styling career also meant being away from home and the boys. So, in 1998 Rosalie decided to get her real estate sales agent license and joined the Frank Lumia team.

Rosalie and husband Bob decided that it would also be a good idea to bring their farm back to life and after much research started a small alpaca farm. “Doing so has kept my passion for farms and farmland fed. I could keep my creative side fueled with the many uses of the alpaca fiber and our children would have yet another priceless unique experience living and growing with these Dr. Seuss-type characters.”

Another opportunity presented itself to Rosalie that she viewed as a possibility to fulfill yet another of her dreams. “I always wanted to run a small cafe’/restaurant that would bring farm fresh products directly to the table of the consumer.” In 2000 we took possession of a small building in the heart of the Village of Andes. My talented husband gutted and rebuilt the small structure while I navigated thru all the regulations and red tape necessary to obtain the various permits and variances. In June of 2001- I performed my last styling job and in late summer of 2001 we opened the doors of the Slow Down Food Co. where we serve an eclectic menu comprised mostly of locally grown produce and pasture raised and organic meats and vegetables whenever possible and available.”
The business continues to thrive as a small gourmet shop and offers catering for any size events.

When asked how they came about the name she replied: “The name came about by reflecting on all of the wonderful slow down moments one experiences here in the Catskills, whether it’s sitting on your porch watching a summer storm roll in across the hills, or driving on the daily trip to work and slowing down to take in the ever changing, ever beautiful landscape.”

In the 22 years of living in the Catskills Rosalie has gotten to know the country side very well and enjoys friendships with a very diverse group of people. My children have been fortunate to have gotten their early education through the Andes school system- a small, precious school, where the students learn in a peaceful, safe and nurturing environment. My life in the country is very busy, as I divide my time between my family, the farm, FLRP and the Slow Down. Who ever said that life in the country was too slow?!

Rosalie’s interests include horses (riding), gardening, farming, sustainable agriculture, knitting, weaving, photography, reading, food, food, food, architecture & art, historical houses and people. She is an active member of the Farm Catskills! Working on the Buy Local committee and on the Farmland Preservation Committee. She hopes to see you around town and welcomes the chance to lend a hand in any way she can.