Partial List of Area Banks:

  • The Delaware National Bank of Delhi
    • Dee Hillis / Eli Townsend
    • 855-413-3544
  • Community Bank NA
    • Tina Seguire: 607-746-8993
    • Selina Gelatt: 607-547-8993
  • National Bank of Delaware County: Walton
    • Lisa Kulaski: 607-865-4126
    • Cindy Pinney: 607-829-8585
  • Roundout Savings
    • Michael Kinsch: 845-334-4023
  • Homestead Funding
    • Mary Jo Traversone: 518-522-8317

Clarification of Customer Services

It is the policy of Frank Lumia Real Estate -ˇ Plus! to provide various assistance to our non-ˇclient customers. Things like: Assisting with finding financing options, legal and home inspection service providers among others. It’s important that you understand that our doing so is meant to serve as a courtesy with the aim of forging good and lasting customer relationships. Unless we have a written agreement with you to the contrary, it’s very important that you do not interpret these actions as our acting as your Buyer’s Agent. We merely wish to make your purchase experience as pleasant and easy as possible. Here are just a few names (listed in no particular order) you may wish to include when interviewing service providers. Some of our customers and clients have used these individuals or companies and have been satisfied with the services provided. Still, you might want to ask for references and confirm that the service provider under consideration is properly licensed, certified and insured. For a more complete list we suggest that you consult the telephone directory and or the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and or ask a friend for a referral.